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January 31, 2024
Pedro Gomes photo
Pedro Gomes
The Web3Inbox SDK is now stable!
The Web3Inbox SDK is now stable - here's what that means 👇

It’s been a busy few months for Web3Inbox, and we’re excited to share this next milestone in our mission to improve the world of web3 communications 🎉

At its core, the Web3Inbox SDK empowers apps, wallets, and users to experience web3-native, human-readable messaging by bringing the power of communications to web3.

The latest release of the SDK packs more power in it too, with new features added for both developers and end users:

Shared messaging history across clients, devices, and browsers

Now users can check back on updates from the projects they follow over time wherever they are, whenever they like.

Web3Inbox Analytics in Cloud

From subscriber growth to notification delivery, messaged accounts, and more — apps can now access and view the performance of their notification service to track growth, measure progress, and discover community trends.

Analytics dashboard

Powered by WalletConnect’s relay server, the Web3Inbox SDK and Notify API have already enabled the successful delivery of more than 4.5 million messages to over 140,000 connected wallets and 500,000+ subscriptions across listed apps. 

With the Web3Inbox app now providing an all-in-one tool for users to access all of their notifications and subscriptions in one single app, along with more partners – like Avive – continuing to launch notifications, the world of web3 messaging is already changing for good. 

With the release of stable, wallet developers that integrate Notify API into their wallets to unlock better, more connected web3 experiences for their users can also now enjoy more in-depth features and elements for their communities, too, as we continue to roll out new and improved aspects across the Web3Inbox offering.

What’s next?

With more features and improvements – like smart account support and deeper analytics – on the horizon and the launch of our first wallet partners for Notify API just around the corner, there’s plenty more in store for Web3Inbox.

Head here to learn more about the SDK and get in touch with the team to start building better web3 messaging with Web3Inbox today. 

If you’ve already integrated the Web3Inbox SDK into your app, find out how you can upgrade to the latest version here. To read more about the Web3Inbox SDK features and offerings, check out our blog: “Introducing the Web3Inbox SDK.”

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