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Our Mission

WalletConnect is the UX platform for the new internet.

Our Protocol

Connecting web3

Founded in 2018 by Pedro Gomes, WalletConnect began with a simple idea — to help mobile wallet users easily connect to desktop apps through the magic of the QR code.

The WalletConnect Protocol that was built quickly became the de facto standard for connecting in web3, enabling interoperability between 500+ wallets and 3,000+ apps across 150+ chains. Countless users choose WalletConnect when they click “Connect Wallet” every week.

Our Products

Making the new internet usable, together

The new internet is the internet of ownership, and it starts with the experience.

Designed to unlock the new internet for a world of users, our suite of toolkits give app and wallet builders seamless, secure, and world-class opportunities to build unparalleled web3 UX.

Two powerful stacks built for the pioneers of today’s tech, AppKit and WalletKit provide top-to-bottom tooling for every step of a user’s journey, with layered features spanning log in to payments accessible in minutes with just a single line of code.


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the new internet.

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