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Our Mission

Web3 is the experiential layer of the internet — and we want to make it easy for you to build there.

Our Protocol

Connecting web3

Founded in 2018 by Pedro Gomes, WalletConnect began with a simple idea — to help mobile wallet users easily connect to desktop apps through the magic of the QR code.

The WalletConnect Protocol that was built quickly became the de facto standard for connecting in web3, enabling interoperability between 500+ wallets and 3,000+ apps across 150+ chains. Countless users choose WalletConnect when they click “Connect Wallet” every week.

Our Products

Bringing engaging web3 experiences to life

Today, we’re more than just a protocol. We’re delivering the tooling for developers to build engaging web3 experiences.

From app notifications to all-in-one web3 login, WalletConnect’s growing suite of SDKs enables wallet and app developers to integrate a broad spectrum of wallet-based functionalities, expanding the scope of what’s possible in web3.

By removing UX barriers, we empower fellow builders to make web3 easy, secure, and engaging for users everywhere, so that we can collectively onboard the world.

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