Meet the all-new AppKit and WalletKit, Designed for Ownership, arriving June 12.
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Designed for

WalletConnect gives developers the tools to build user experiences that make digital ownership effortless, intuitive, and secure.

Unlock scale
Plug into the WalletConnect Protocol to interoperate with all of web3.
Build securely
Tap into secure solutions designed according to industry standards.
Enrich your UX
Bring powerful new experiences to life with our innovative tooling.
Go modular
Choose from a suite of SDKs and APIs for wallet and app developers.
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Discover what wallet and dapp users really want

Exclusive insights into crypto users' profiles, wallet preferences, and demands for cutting-edge dapp breakthroughs.

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Core Products
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For Apps

Wallet login that
anyone can use

Web3Modal is a drop-in SDK to connect wallet users to your app, smoothly and securely.

Log in users by web app, mobile, and browser extension wallet
Bring your app’s UX alive with customizable UI
Build fast with broad framework and Ethereum library support
The Web3Modal interface for smartphone
The Web3Inbox logo
For Apps

designed for web3

Web3Inbox brings wallet-based communications to life, enabling apps to directly engage with their users and community.

Send real-time push notifications straight to a user’s wallet
Build authentic user relationships with customizable pings
Explore creative engagement with in-app notifications
The Web3Wallet logo
For Wallets

The toolkit powering
engaging wallet UX

Web3Wallet helps your wallet interoperate with thousands of apps, enabling your users to explore web3 freely and securely.

Connect instantly to 5,000+ web3 and web2 apps
Support multiple chains with no additional code
Secure and inform users with Verify and Notify APIs
A signature request interface when connecting to a dapp
Developer Platform
The WalletConnect Cloud logo

Insights to supercharge
your growth

Discover how your product performs and learn ways to increase adoption with the WalletConnect Cloud's insightful analytics.

Get in-depth insights into your product usage
Activate UX integrations like Verify and Notify APIs
Attract millions of users with our Explorer and Web3Modal
The WalletConnect Cloud dashboard
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