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The all-in-one stack to build apps for the new internet

With a layered feature stack spanning onboarding to payments, messaging and more, AppKit enables apps to build powerful top-to-bottom web3 experiences made to last, all through one seamless integration.

Long-term growth, unlimited reach
Access users across 500+ wallets and unlock multiple features built to grow your audience effortlessly.
Intuitive, UX-first core features
Create unbeaten wallet connection experiences with user-native features baked into the core modal.
More security, less headache
Reduce risks and optimize time for building by managing all your integrations with a single tool.
Rich analytics to supercharge your app
Dive into granular, real-time data for greater insights into user behavior and activity.
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Lightweight code,
lightning performance

Integrate features with just one line of code
Support multiple chains across the ecosystem

Support multiple chains across the ecosystem

Access multi-chain support across all EVM chains, with support for Solana and more coming.
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Data and tools to power your app — even more

Our all-in-one developer platform helps you easily manage your AppKit integration. From industry-leading analytics to feature updates, access the tools you need to optimize your app.
Broad framework and Ethereum library support

Broad framework and Ethereum library support

AppKit is available across 9+ frameworks, making integration for multiple platforms hassle-free.

Simplify their journey with Universal Wallets

Part of the AppKit stack, Universal Wallets is the end-user account management platform built for users who begin their web3 journey with an application, providing them access to the decentralized internet without the hassle of setting up a wallet.

Powered by Smart Accounts with cross-app accessibility
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"AppKit not only enables us to support more than 500 wallets out-of-the-box, but it delivers a user experience that is seamless and — even more importantly — secure.”

Dustin Brickwood, Developer Relations Engineer
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“The technology that AppKit offers is exactly what we need for our expansion. The GemPad team is extremely happy to become a close partner of WalletConnect and part of this revolution to create a better crypto space for generations to come.”

Niall, co-founder

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