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January 16, 2024
Pedro Gomes photo
Pedro Gomes
The Web3Inbox app is here!

It might have just begun, but 2024 has been full of news and milestones. We thought, “Why not continue the fun?”

And what better way to continue than with the brand-new web3 experience we've been all waiting for. That’s right folks – the Web3Inbox app is here, and with it, your gateway to a whole new world of web3 messaging. 

The Web3Inbox app: Your web3 world, at your fingertips 

The Web3Inbox app is the web3 messaging app that keeps you notified of what’s happening across web3 — all in one place, all on your terms, all of the time.

From staking positions to NFT updates, games, guilds, voting proposals, and so much more, the Web3Inbox app empowers you to connect with your favorite apps in web3 directly via your wallet, removing the need to rely on web2 messaging tools.

Here’s what you can look forward to 👇

Instant updates from your favorite leading apps 

Real-time notifications as things happen and push notifications straight to your phone making sure you never miss a beat.

Baked-in spam protection

With features like subscription control and notification settings, you can rest easy knowing you’ll only ever hear from the apps you choose on the things you care about the most.

Message syncing across devices 

Whether you’re connecting multiple devices or switching between an app’s in-app notifications and the Web3Inbox app, you can access all your notifications wherever you are, in just a few simple clicks. 

A number of leading apps are already available within the Web3Inbox app, including: 

  • PancakeSwap
  • Guild
  • Snapshot
  • Sovereign Nature Initiative
  • Peanut Protocol
  • Robots.Farm
  • Trusta Labs
  • Moso
  • Galxe (coming soon)
  • GemPad (coming soon)
  • Maverick Protocol (coming soon)
  • Chainspot (coming soon)
  • Avive (coming soon)
  • Loopring (coming soon)
  • JumpTask (coming soon)

With many more on their way, you can head to the app today to start building better connections with your web3.

To celebrate the launch of Web3Inbox, we’ve partnered with Sovereign Nature Initiative and Transient Labs to release The Soundwaves Collection, a limited edition NFT collection exclusively available for Web3Inbox users. Head to the Web3Inbox app and subscribe to Web3Inbox notifications before January 26 to get yours. T&Cs apply

How to get started 

Compatible with 350+ wallets, the Web3Inbox app is available on desktop and mobile. Simply connect your wallet and subscribe to any app to get set up.

To get started on desktop, head here.

To get started on mobile, head to on your mobile browser and press “Add to Home screen”, then “Install app” to get started (note: If you’re using an iOS device, you’ll need to do this via Safari). 

Make sure you tap “Enable notifications” on the browser app and “Enable push notifications” on mobile to ensure you receive real-time updates when the app is closed, too. Once you’ve connected your wallet, you’re good to go!

Celebrate with us – get your free Soundwaves NFT 

The launch of Web3Inbox isn’t just a big deal for us – it’s a major step toward establishing a whole new way for us to connect and engage in web3. Web3 is history in the making, and we want you to have a piece of ours. 

To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with the non-profit Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) to launch The Soundwaves Collection – a first-of-its-kind bioacoustic NFT art series that captures the power of communication. By graphically illustrating soundwaves from whales using cutting-edge methods, The Soundwaves Collection shows how technology can reveal new perspectives — and open up new experiences.

Delivered to the web3 community via Arbitrum in partnership with Transient Labs, the collection’s four limited-edition categories range in rarity and highlight different communicative whale sounds collected by the conservation organization AquaSearch. Each unique artwork within the Soundwaves Collection – designed by artist Daria Smakhtina – is linked to ecological data from real-world sperm whales and humpback whales in the Caribbean, illustrating the core elements of natural connection as we celebrate this milestone in web3 communications. 

Between January 16-26, any user who connects their wallet to the Web3Inbox app and subscribes to Web3Inbox will be eligible to receive their own Soundwaves NFT, airdropped directly to the wallet they connected with. 

Once received, every NFT holder can verify their asset via SNI’s REAL Portal to discover its real-world data and learn more about the conservation project it supports. 

To claim your Soundwaves NFT airdrop, head to the Web3Inbox app and subscribe to Web3Inbox notifications. T&Cs apply

More apps, more features, more connections: What’s next for Web3Inbox?

Many of the subscriptions available in-app also have baked-in notifications accessible directly via their app, and soon, we’ll be launching Web3Inbox with wallet partners – enabling you to connect with your favorite apps and access notifications from right within your wallet app.

We’ve got plenty more exciting apps in line to join the Web3Inbox party too, so be sure to subscribe to Web3Inbox notifications for updates on new feature additions and app availability. 

Building an app or wallet and interested in developing better connections with and for your own community? Head here to get started.

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