WalletConnect announces v2.0!

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    How do I implement WalletConnect?

    See our documentation

    How do I get developer support?

    You are welcome to join our Discord. Also you can open questions on Ethereum StackExchange using the WalletConnect tag.

    Do I need an account on WalletConnect.com?

    No. An account is not required to use WalletConnect as a developer or user.

    What is the WalletConnect Cloud for?

    The WalletConnect cloud app is exclusively for developers, and is used for relay server access and API key management. Soon it will also be used for registry management.

    How do I create or edit a registry listing?

    For now, see this GitHub repo for instructions. Soon, this feature will be added to the WalletConnect cloud app.

    Wallet & Dapp Users

    How do I get WalletConnect?

    Download any supported mobile wallet. There is no WalletConnect app.

    I’m having trouble connecting to a wallet or dapp.

    Contact the wallet or dapp creator for support.


    A website is asking for my seed phrase or private key. Is it legit?

    No, it is a scam. WalletConnect will never ask for your private key or wallet seed words. The only legitimate WalletConnect website is walletconnect.com.

    I found a fake WalletConnect website.

    Report it to a SafeBrowsing phishing service and web browsers will blacklist the domain.

    Why is someone from WalletConnect contacting me?

    We will never contact you offering support. Anyone sending you a private message offering support is likely a scammer.

    I’ve been scammed. What should I do?

    We feel your pain! As a rule you should never give your private key or wallet seed words to anyone. WalletConnect apps do not ask them. Nobody associated with WalletConnect will ask for them. If you have shared your private key or seed words you will lose everything in your wallet.

    If you entered your private key or seed words into a scam website, we suggest you do the following: As soon as possible, transfer your assets to a new wallet. Do not use the old wallet again since it is now compromised. Speed is important, because once the scammers have your key or seed they will try to transfer them immediately.

    If your assets have already been transferred out of your wallet, there is little you can do. If you lost a large amount of crypto (>$USD 500k) you may try Reclaim Crypto (however, we do not endorse them and are not affiliated)


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