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February 2, 2024
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PancakeSwap: Spicing up its UX recipe with Web3Inbox
With web3-native communications, greater user engagement can begin.

With each passing year, the scope of web3 user experiences expands. Yet, there’s a noticeable lack of a key ingredient – a channel and technology that can help ensure greater web3 user engagement.

"In the nascent landscape of web3, communication is generally done through social media platforms such as Discord, X, and Telegram community channels," notes Chef Gyoza, Product Manager at PancakeSwap, a leading decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. “Web3 still hasn’t achieved seamless communications like web2 apps have. The primary method of communication that is currently lacking, in my opinion, is native mobile integrations.”

Founded by a group of “chefs” passionate about DeFi adoption, PancakeSwap stands out as a platform that makes DeFi enjoyable for users. And, with nearly 100,000 daily active users, it recognizes the challenges that web3 users face in navigating through the overwhelming influx of information. 

The team began looking for a tool that would tackle this web3 communication problem head-on, and the road quickly led them to the Web3Inbox SDK, WalletConnect’s web3 communications toolkit. “We were mainly looking for a partner that’s keen to innovate on mobile, and we felt that WalletConnect shares this vision.” 

PancakeSwap's user experience sizzles with Web3Inbox

Early on, PancakeSwap recognized the importance of a personalized notifications approach for web3 and the value of direct, instant updates for streamlined communications. 

A brand synonymous with user-centric and seamless DeFi experiences, PancakeSwap sought a solution to address the challenges arising from the overwhelming volume of information in web3. "Currently, there’s too much noise in the channels, and users can’t control the information they want to receive. As such, this leads to users dropping off due to the overload of information they get daily,” highlights Chef Gyoza, adding that most PancakeSwap users using one or two products often struggle to sieve through pertinent information for their needs. 

As PancakeSwap realized the necessity for a direct and tailored approach to community engagement, integrating the Web3Inbox SDK emerged as the logical step. By enabling a web3-native communications channel between apps and their users, the Web3Inbox SDK introduces a direct path for community-to-user engagement, ensuring users stay informed about the topics that matter the most to them.

“Many web3 protocols can benefit from having native mobile notifications and alerts to users that are timely, clear, and offer a good call-to-action,” Chef Gyoza emphasizes. “However, these have to be curated for specific users. Catering the information and allowing some customizability goes a long way in providing clear messaging and communication to users.”


PancakeSwap integrated the Web3Inbox SDK on its web app in November 2023, activating in-app notifications for its large user base. Encouraged by the positive experience, PancakeSwap then integrated the Web3Inbox SDK into its native mobile app in January 2024. 

“The WalletConnect team supported our needs, and our development team had a great experience working with the Web3Inbox crew,” Chef Gyoza notes, adding that, despite initial bumps, the teams managed to align on what was important and what was needed to ensure that the product runs smoothly. 

“The constant back-and-forth allowed us to improve the integration experience, and our feedback was heard.” 

PancakeSwap: What’s cooking next? 

Since the launch of in-app notifications for its web and mobile apps, PancakeSwap has seen a significant portion of its user base sign up to receive personalized pings. 

“We’ve already seen the benefits of the Web3Inbox SDK in alerting users on immediate action items, such as when lottery rounds are ready for a draw and when users’ liquidity position is out of range,” says Chef Gyoza. “PancakeSwap users can be immediately alerted and take action to engage with our products. They can also spend less time checking what’s on X and receive important notifications in their inbox.”

Chef Gyoza also expresses anticipation for the direction of web3 as a whole. "We're excited about the potential benefits that upgrades to infrastructure can bring to the DeFi space," he shares. With the impending Ethereum Improvement Proposal EIP-4844 and the rise of BTC layer 2s and L1 ecosystems, PancakeSwap is doubling down on its mission to provide web3’s best multi-chain experience as the all-in-one DeFi hub. 
"As we continue on our mission, we're thrilled to harness the power of the Web3Inbox SDK to connect users to all that’s happening in their web3," says Chef Gyoza. 

Learn more about PancakeSwap 

PancakeSwap is a leading multi-chain decentralized exchange that operates on an automated market maker (AMM) model and available across 9 chains: BNB Chain, Ethereum, Aptos, Polygon zkEVM, zkSync Era, Arbitrum One, Linea, Base, and opBNB. Launched in 2020, PancakeSwap is one of the most popular DEXs in the cryptocurrency industry due to its low transaction fees, high-speed trading, and user-friendly platform. PancakeSwap has over $654 billion in total trading volume and over $1.56 billion in total liquidity locked, making it the leading multichain DEX in the industry. For more information, visit

Learn more about the Web3Inbox SDK

The Web3Inbox SDK is the web3 communications toolkit connecting apps with users — all in one place, all on their terms, all of the time. It enables event-based notifications that apps can send to subscribed accounts, and has successfully delivered over 4.5 million messages. Explore the Web3Inbox SDK in greater detail here

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