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October 12, 2023
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Web3Modal v3.1: Industry-leading EIP-6963 support live!
We're thrilled to announce the release of Web3Modal v3.1, which is now stable and launches as web3’s first modal to support EIP-6963.

Yesterday, we celebrated EIP-6963 getting the green light.

Today, we’re announcing the release of Web3Modal v3.1, which is now stable and launches as web3’s first modal to support EIP-6963!

This means that, starting today, apps can offer their users the seamless browser wallet connection experience enabled by EIP-6963, which is already supported by more than 10 wallets. Read on to further explore just what exactly this means.

Web3Modal v3.1: Web3’s first modal to support EIP-6963

EIP-6963 was created to solve a specific problem: the poor, often-unpredictable browser wallet connection experience endured by web3 users with multiple installations. It does so by essentially creating a new channel of communication between apps and browser extension wallets, which allows for multiple such wallets to coexist and make themselves available to dapps and other web-based apps.

Not only does EIP-6963 help users easily use and manage multiple browser extension wallets, but it also allows apps to make the connection experience clearer by automatically displaying the wallet’s name and logo in the UI. This is because EIP-6963 gives wallets the opportunity to inject more information, such as the wallet name, logo, UUID, and RDNS.

How does this translate into the Web3Modal experience? For starters, we’ve adjusted the wallet connection interface to showcase a user’s browser extension wallet installations from the get-go. Users can therefore instantly view the browser extension wallets available to them when clicking “Connect Wallet” on an app and choose the one they want to proceed with.

With Web3Modal v3.1, users can easily view and choose from their browser extension wallets.

As a result, we will deprecate legacy injected support when EIP-6963 gains traction among the 20 most-used browser extension wallets. This means that the current “Browser Wallet” option that presents itself on Web3Modal’s wallet selection interface will be removed; instead, the most recently-used browser extension wallets will present themselves as options for the user to click on. This change is not far off, as 15 browser extension wallets already or plan to support EIP-6963!

Thanks to EIP-6963, Web3Modal v3.1 offers a significant UX improvement. Not only is the experience clear and intuitive, but users are empowered to use the browser wallets they prefer, for whichever app or use case they want to use them for. Huge!

We’re extremely proud to roll this unprecedented UX out to apps starting today. Confusing browser wallet connection behavior is a recurring issue for many of us in the industry; finally, we can solve this problem, once and for all!

Get started with Web3Modal v3.1

Web3Modal v3.1 is released today for web. Existing Web3Modal users simply need to upgrade to the latest version of Web3Modal, while new users can get started by following the guidance in our docs. We have quick start guides for React, Vue, and HTML.

As always, reach out to us on our GitHub if you require any technical assistance along the way. Our team is eager to help you get Web3Modal v3.1 up and running!

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