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May 3, 2024
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WalletConnect redefines community engagement with Web3Inbox and WalletConnect unite to redefine community management and engagement in web3

In the bustling world of web3, community building stands as the cornerstone of innovation and progress. Recent data from WalletConnect highlights the significance of community and governance models among avid web3 users, ranking them among the top choices for anticipated developments within the crypto space.

Guided by the vision to elevate community management on-chain, Guild emerges as a leader in building full interoperability for projects between all their platforms for sharing and interactions. From its humble origins as a token-gating bot for Discord to its current multifaceted infrastructure, Guild embodies the essence of inclusivity and collaboration. Founded by a dynamic team, Guild serves as the homepage and toolkit for on-chain communities, revolutionizing membership management and campaign execution. It currently has a vast repertoire of integrations spanning over 50 chains, along with more than 30 platforms, both off- and on-chain, as well as various web3 protocols.

The decision to integrate WalletConnect’s Web3Inbox stemmed from Guild's mission to elevate community interactions with the simplified solution of on-chain messaging. "Our goal was to expand Guild’s toolkit with features for more advanced community building, and messaging forms part of the big picture we envisioned,” says Hanna Hadik, Head of Success at Guild. “Partnering with WalletConnect was integral to achieving our vision.”

Collaborative integration takes Guild to the next level

Beginning discussions in 2021, the adoption of Web3Inbox SDK reached fruition by the end of 2023, marking a significant milestone in Guild's journey. Since integration, Guild has experienced exponential growth, boasting a subscriber base of 62,000 and witnessing between 50-100 new subscribers daily as of April 2024. Additionally, Guild has successfully sent out over 13,000 notifications, reaching over 11,000 subscribers, while achieving a retrieval rate of 11% among over 1,400 subscribers. Moreover, the platform has seen a doubling in the number of unique subscribers pulling messages in the last 30 days, growing from approximately 25 to 50. With the power of this SDK at its disposal, Guild envisions a future where on-chain actions, interests, and internet histories converge to cultivate deeper connections and more meaningful engagements within communities.

Despite encountering minor challenges during the initial integration phase, the responsiveness of the WalletConnect team ensured swift resolution. “The documentation is super clear and when we had questions, they were always answered quickly,” according to the Guild development team, adding that this seamless integration process really laid the groundwork for future iterations and enhancements.
From the outset, both parties recognized the mutual benefit of this partnership, with Hanna emphasizing Guild's active involvement in shaping Web3Inbox's functionalities to cater to its specific requirements. “The ease in implementing custom solutions and enhanced interoperability through collaborative brainstorming and direct communication with the team was special,” she notes. “Through multiple iterations, we've achieved a synergy that really sets us apart.”

Guild and Web3Inbox in action

The integration heralded a new era of modularity and scalability for Guild, amplifying its reach across diverse wallet ecosystems. With seamless interoperability at its core, Guild users can effortlessly navigate between platforms, access gated areas, and unlock exclusive rewards. 

“At Guild, we focus on building the most user-friendly experience possible, especially for web3 newcomers,” notes Hanna. “Users can add multiple wallets to their Guild Accounts, and WalletConnect powers us to build compatibility with over 500 wallets across ecosystems.”

The strength of this collaboration was showcased during the SheFi Summit at ETHDenver, where SheFi, Guild, Ensō and WalletConnect worked closely together, leveraging Web3Inbox to tailor custom solutions, significantly enhancing attendee engagement at the live event. "It’s always a pleasure collaborating with teams like WalletConnect, who are receptive to custom solutions, allowing us to brainstorm and develop unique features together," she explains. "With a custom Web3Inbox endpoint, we developed a new Guild requirement to track SheFi subscribers on Web3Inbox, significantly enhancing the IRL quest experience in Denver while further bolstering the partnership between Guild and WalletConnect, providing more comprehensive data and insights into subscriber engagement and behavior."

Forging a path to decentralized empowerment

Guild aims to empower communities to transcend the constraints of centralized platforms and embrace a new era of decentralized collaboration. Through partnerships with prominent web3 players like WalletConnect, Guild is not just talking the talk, but walking the walk toward realizing this vision.

As Guild charts a course toward on-chain analytics, member insights, and tokenization for communities, WalletConnect remains a crucial ally in its quest for innovation and growth. By leveraging Web3Inbox as a catalyst for community activation and engagement, Guild is poised to redefine the boundaries of on-chain community building. As pioneers in the realm of decentralized infrastructure, Guild and WalletConnect exemplify the boundless potential of web3 to foster inclusivity, interoperability, and empowerment. Together, we are paving the way for a future where communities transcend borders, platforms, and limitations to realize their fullest potential.

Learn more about Guild is the homepage and toolkit for on-chain communities. Designed to automate token-gating and membership management, run quests, build loyalty point systems, and reward token incentives. Explore and start building at

Learn more about Web3Inbox SDK

The Web3Inbox SDK is the web3 communications toolkit connecting apps with users — all in one place, all on their terms, all of the time. It enables event-based notifications that apps can send to subscribed accounts, and has successfully delivered over 4.5 million messages. Explore the Web3Inbox SDK in greater detail here.

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