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April 24, 2024
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Taking web3 offline: How Web3Inbox brought engagement IRL at the SheFi Summit
Learn about SheFi’s quest to redefine event engagement with Ensō and Web3Inbox

As the web3 event circuit ramps up, providing education and tooling along with real-life encounters for our digital-first industry, the SheFi Summit shines as a beacon of empowerment for women and non-binary individuals within the space.

SheFi, founded by Maggie Love—a self-proclaimed “crypto doula”—is not merely a platform; it's a haven for professional women and non-binary visionaries to master the technology, carve out unique career paths, and connect IRL at its hosted events. With a blend of education, community, and career support, SheFi now helps over 2,900 members from 90 countries. At the heart of SheFi's ethos lies the belief in hands-on learning, weaving real-life quests into its educational fabric.

Central to SheFi's offerings is the SheFi Summit, an event that unites like-minded individuals and amplifies female and non-binary voices in the crypto space. Teaming up with Ensō, SheFi set out to revamp the “vibe” at the SheFi Summit in Denver earlier this year. They quickly realized that achieving their ambitious vision would require the support of an external partner. So, when the opportunity to collaborate with WalletConnect arose, they both saw it as the golden ticket to elevate the SheFi Summit experience forever.

Seamless onboarding and event magic

The partnership with WalletConnect started after the launch of Web3Inbox, when Maggie spotted an opportunity to harness its power for seamless event communications. The mission was bold yet simple: leverage Web3Inbox to keep attendees engaged with real-time updates, announcements, and quests during SheFi Summit.

“We believe that education plus experimentation plus community equals empowerment. That's a major reason I wanted to bring real activations like Web3Inbox to SheFi Summit,” Maggie says. “It's important to try new things, gather feedback, and iterate. This philosophy underscores why activations play such a significant role at SheFi. We're committed to action. That's why I sought out partners like WalletConnect who aren't afraid to launch products in this setting."

The collaboration between SheFi and Web3Inbox yielded remarkable results. Attendees experienced a whirlwind of engagement, receiving real-time updates and notifications that enhanced their event experience. "Now users, whether on their phones or in person at the event, had web3-native updates at their fingertips. No more digging through emails—we've never had anything quite like this before,” she says.

The kick-off quest for the event, which was sent to the community before the summit began, prompted attendees to install Web3Inbox. The setup was so seamless that over 272 participants completed the task within minutes, which allowed them to participate in hands-on quests and unlock opportunities to win prizes. Over 600 participants had subscribed to SheFi’s notifications by the end of the summit.

These real-life engaging activities showcase the power of hands-on engagement in action, all facilitated by the ease attendees had in completing the first quest, which involved onboarding Web3Inbox.

"We had overall 80% engagement on the quest platform that Ensō built with SheFi for the event,” notes Jules Worring, co-founder and CEO of Ensō. “Overall, it was an easy integration and our attendees didn't have trouble getting it set up.”

Simple integration behind the scenes

The fusion of Web3Inbox into SheFi Summit was a game-changer. Attendees seamlessly embraced the platform, relishing in personalized web3-native notifications and updates delivered straight to their fingertips. From speaker reveals to quest teasers and event reminders, Web3Inbox blossomed into the epicenter of event communications, ensuring attendees were forever enmeshed in the magic of SheFi Summit.

"From our side, the onboarding onto Web3Inbox was a breeze. Clear communication is key for any event, and loading messages onto the platform was a cinch,” notes Jules.

"The integration journey with Web3Inbox was smooth sailing. The WalletConnect team's organization and detailed documentation made the process a breeze.”

Looking ahead, SheFi is primed to continue its quest of empowering the web3 dreamers. As Maggie suggests, the future of web3 is inclusive, accessible, and brimming with community engagement. SheFi's journey with Web3Inbox at the SheFi Summit is a testament to the boundless potential of collaboration and innovation in the web3 realm. By embracing new technologies and crafting immersive event experiences, SheFi is blazing a trail towards a more inclusive, diverse, and empowering future in crypto. With Web3Inbox as their trusted companion, the possibilities are endless, and the adventure never ceases.

Learn more about SheFi

SheFi empowers professional women to reinvent their careers in Web3. It’s an 8 week, cohort-based educational program with live instruction, hands-on tech demos, and peer support, all aimed at accelerating careers in Web3 and AI. Plus, we offer dedicated career support through our SheFi recruiter. Apply for Cohort 11, starting June 15, 2024, here.

Learn more about Web3Inbox

The Web3Inbox SDK is the web3 communications toolkit connecting apps with users — all in one place, all on their terms, all of the time. It enables event-based notifications that apps can send to subscribed accounts, and has successfully delivered over 4.5 million messages. Explore the Web3Inbox SDK here.

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