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April 5, 2024
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Crystallizing community and decentralized social for Orb
Orb is reshaping the landscape of social interaction and unveiling the boundless potential of web3 with the help of Web3Modal.

Ethereum may only have launched in 2015, but the decentralized applications that it brought to the fore have already sparked waves of innovation. From DeFi to DAOs to NFTs, new concepts have emerged and caught on, reimagining industries and creating new ones altogether.

But what about social media? One of the promises of web3 is the ability for users to interact with a decentralized identity that is portable throughout the entire network. In other words, a user can plug into different web3 apps with just one wallet address and expect to find the same history and details there. It’s an account that is owned by the user, to be used on their terms.

“In order for users to engage with their decentralized identities, however, these apps need to be built,” says Nilesh Rathore, Co-Founder and CEO at Orb. “That’s where Orb comes in. We are a web3 consumer app that approaches decentralized social media as a community space, fully owned and operated by its users.”

Orb: web3 social for creators, artists, and communities

Orb is a web3 social media application built on the Lens Protocol, offering users complete ownership of their identity and full control over monetizing their content. To get started, users log in with a wallet and create a handle that is bound to their wallet address.

Orb focuses on the fun aspects of web3 while providing opportunities to earn through participation. For instance, if you're a creator, you can post any content including art, music, videos, and podcasts as a collectible and get paid. If you enjoy reposting your favorite content, you can also earn through referral rewards. Want to collaborate with other creators? You can set up revenue splits in advance. The blockchain enables all these possibilities, highlighting its beauty. However, earning potential is just one reason people use Orb; the platform is also known for its fun and vibes.

For example, a user can share an original piece of music as a digital collectible and set a token price as well as the number of copies per collectible. Other users can then collect the digital collectible and even earn a referral fee that is set by the creator. Granular permissions allow these creators to define their monetization approach from day one and experiment along the way. It also helps creators that Orb supports all EVM chains, including Polygon, Ethereum, and Optimism.

“We believe that it’s important to own your content from day one,” says Nilesh. “The content you put out should not belong to the platform. Thanks to web3, we can make it so that users can easily choose if and how they want to monetize their content, and then be directly compensated for it.”

Scaling new heights with Web3Modal Flutter

For Nilesh, ensuring Orb’s success meant making it accessible to the broadest number of users possible and ensuring superior UX.

“When we set out to build Orb, we knew that we wanted to make it a mobile app,” says Nilesh. “Mobile is the means through which the majority of the world goes online, and it’s also the platform through which we tend to interact with social media today. A mobile-first approach was therefore a no-brainer.”

This approach runs contrary to the trends in Ethereum’s first decade, where most web3 apps have leaned heavily on desktop. However, as developing tooling expands and improves, more and more experiences are being created for mobile.

“Orb was built in Flutter, and we were delighted to find out that WalletConnect offers their Web3Modal SDK in Flutter,” says Bart Selwesiuk, Founding Lead Mobile Engineer at Orb.

“Web3Modal ensures compatibility with hundreds of wallet providers out-of-the-box, which is extremely important given that we want to make our mobile app as accessible as possible.”

He continues, “Integrating with Web3Modal was straightforward thanks to their clear installation, usage, and migration docs. Their SDK is well-maintained and the WalletConnect team is very responsive to answer questions and provide any help on GitHub.”

“All of this,” Selwesiuk concludes, "alongside the fact that Web3Modal UX is sleek and blends perfectly with the Orb app’s aesthetics made it the right choice for us."

Thanks to this partnership, Orb now boasts a rapidly growing user base with over 15,000 Monthly Active Users (MAU) and counting. WalletConnect and Orb are committed to continuing their collaboration to enhance the web3 social experience and empower users everywhere.

Learn more about Orb

Orb is the mobile app for Lens Protocol and your gateway to discover fun in web3 social. Orb believes that everyone in the digital world should be entitled to full ownership and true control over their social media content and experience. Orb believes this only possible if built onchain. Orb is dedicated to allowing users to experience boundless content discovery and to have unlimited opportunities for monetizing their content and consumption via web3 primitives. Through exclusive clubs, Orb lets everyone do their thing while connecting like-minded individuals in a secure and permissionless environment. Learn more at

Learn more about Web3Modal

Built by WalletConnect, Web3Modal is an all-in-one SDK that helps app developers unlock more users through an intuitive wallet login interface. It supports login by custodial, self-custodial, and email wallets, delivering an experience suitable for users along the entire spectrum of web3 familiarity. Explore Web3Modal in greater detail here and get started building with our docs here.

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