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June 12, 2024
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Introducing One-Click Auth: Fewer clicks, better connections
One-Click Auth has landed. Revolutionize authentication with one-tap access and change the game for seamless login experiences for good.

As the web3 world continues to grow and evolve, the expectations for better experiences continues to climb higher and higher. While wallets have significantly improved the onboarding flow over recent years, one fact still steadily remains to be true: accessing the new internet is — for the most part — a pretty painful process.

And, if you’ve been around for a while you’ll know this issue is an important one for us at WalletConnect. Since our first wallet connection revolution with the humble QR code, we’ve worked relentlessly to build products and features for wallets and apps to improve web3 onboarding, with the latest addition to the WalletKit stack paving the way for the simplest experience yet.

Wallets, meet One-Click Auth: the simplest web3 login UX yet.

Simplifying authentication with a single tap 📲

WalletKit’s One-Click Auth feature sets a new standard for wallet-based login that makes authentication effortless and secure for users and developers alike. Reducing the authentication process for users by combining the connection and authentication into one request, this frictionless authentication experience eliminates the need for cumbersome login processes.

Unlike traditional authentication methods, One-Click Auth streamlines the process with a lean interface tailored specifically for initiating a single request. This optimized SIWE-enabled approach unlocks better user experiences more closely aligned with the standardized web2 login sessions we see today — all without compromising on security.

Part of the WalletKit stack and easily integrated with just a few lines of code, One-Click Auth brings wallets and their users a number of features and benefits:

  • Single tap multi-chain and multi-account signing: This allows users to authenticate multiple chains or accounts simultaneously with just one click, streamlining the process of connecting to apps.
  • Improved performance & retention: By reducing the number of protocol requests and decreasing relay load, One-click auth improves the speed and efficiency of authentication. In addition, any app that requires validating address ownership can see a 50% reduction in the required steps to validate
  • Better security for a better experience: With multiple layers required to simply connect, the fractured process of linking a wallet to the web3 ecosystem not only creates friction but increases the possibilities of exposure to risk
  • A layered feature in the WalletKit stack: Integrate with ease and manage with your existing WalletKit integration to limit third-party risk and management

Available for wallets building on Web, iOS, Android, and React Native, One-Click Auth functions are available across all participating applications.

Get started with One-Click Auth today ➡️

If you have an existing WalletKit integration, you can get set up with One-Click Auth with just a few lines of code:

  1. Login to Cloud and get your Project ID
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of WalletKit installed
  3. Head to the One-Click Auth docs to get started

New to WalletKit? Head here to learn how you can get set up with the ultimate toolkit for building and connecting wallets.

Learn more about WalletKit 👝

WalletKit is the complete toolkit for building and connecting wallets designed for the new internet. Unlocking powerful wallet-based user-centric features and providing a simple, secure way for your wallet users to easily connect with 6,000+ apps across 150+ chains, WalletKit’s unique feature stack gives wallet builders an unfair advantage with unbeaten experiences across connectivity, security, and communication.

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