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May 29, 2024
AppKit & WalletKit: Our All-new Toolkits, Designed for Ownership
Say hello to AppKit and WalletKit — our core product stacks for app and wallet builders, and an evolution of the WalletConnect product suite.

A lot has changed since we launched our first SDK and developer tooling back in 2022. We’re honored to power over 10 million connections every single month across our 6,000+ app and 500+ wallet partners, but as the industry continues to evolve, so must our efforts to support it.

In due fashion, last week we shared with the world our vision for the new internet.

We shared our pledge to unlock more opportunities for builders to bring the new internet to a world of users with ease, sovereignty, and security through providing the UX platform for the new internet.

Our first step? Introducing our all-new builder products: AppKit and WalletKit.

Building the new internet: A glimpse into AppKit & WalletKit

AppKit and WalletKit — our core product stacks for app and wallet builders — are an evolution of the WalletConnect product suite. Each composed of individual product features layered into a single powerful toolkit, AppKit and WalletKit are designed to make building and creating across the new internet seamless, secure, and UX-first.

What’s new?

With all of our app-based products now powerfully packed into one toolkit, AppKit streamlines app building with its comprehensive feature stack, while WalletKit offers a secure, user-friendly toolkit for wallet builders.

In addition to existing products like Notifications, Email Login, and On-Ramp for apps, as well as App Verification and Notifications for wallets, builders can now access a range of new features across both toolkits. These include One-Click Authentication for WalletKit, Social Login, Swaps, and Smart Account functionality for AppKit, along with a new user platform — Universal Wallets — for app users. So, let’s dive in.

Say hello to AppKit: The all-in-one stack to build apps for the new internet

AppKit is the all-in-one developer tooling platform that enables app builders to easily and securely build products for the new internet. With a rich, layered feature stack spanning onboarding to payments, messaging and more, the simplified stack structure of AppKit enables apps to build powerful top-to-bottom web3 experiences made to last, all through one seamless integration. From DevEx to UX, builders using AppKit can enjoy industry-leading benefits across-the-board:

  • Reach a world of users and grow meaningful communities: Instantly reach users across 500+ wallets and multiple chains, and develop lasting communities with easy-to-integrate features designed to onboard and nurture your audience. Additionally, access free data tools available on the WalletConnect Cloud Analytics dashboard to support your business and customers with ease.
  • Explore baked-in features from the get-go: Give users an unmatched wallet connection experience, with leading user-native features — like multiple account linking — readily integrated and baked into the core modal, and multiple game-changing features easily integrated with just one line of code.
  • Experience enhanced security, customizability, modularity, and optionality: Reduce risk by managing all your integrations with a single tool, while building unique integrations for your brand with customizable elements and independently available features in the AppKit stack. Choose from over 9 frameworks and languages to get started.
  • Future-proof your setup with native packages and intuitive onboarding: Build effortlessly for today’s mobile-first world with AppKit’s range of native SDKs and leverage features like social and email login, notifications, onramp, and more for simplified experiences that meet the needs of users.
  • Create lasting user journeys: Our ‘Universal Wallets’, supported through Email and Social login, empower users to create their own identity — and experience — across web3 with ease, improving their journey into the space and their continued interaction with your app.

The core kit includes WalletConnect’s AppKit Modal — a wallet connection interface that enables apps to easily support users connecting a wallet to their platform — and hosts a wide range of stacked features, including:

Email & Social Login (new ✨) — Email and social login enable apps to easily unlock access to web3 for a world of new users. Available in partnership with Magic and Safe, apps can provide new and existing users the ability to connect to their platform using just an email address or social account.

On-Ramp — On-ramp securely provides users access to over 100 cryptocurrencies from right within your app. Available in partnership with Coinbase, in just a few clicks, users can access and purchase tokens to support in-app activity and transactions across multiple chains.

Swaps (new ✨) — Swaps is a feature embedded within AppKit that enables users to easily switch between crypto assets without leaving your app. Available in partnership with 1inch, users can easily and securely swap tokens right within your app via the AppKit Modal.

Notifications — Notifications power web3 communications between apps and their communities, allowing projects to directly engage users with web3-native, human-readable messaging sent straight to their wallets.

Smart Account Functionality (new ✨) — Builders that integrate AppKit can easily support Smart Account functionality, powered by Safe Core, for their Email and Social login users with just a few lines of code. This allows their community direct access to intuitive and secure features — like ENS-backed Web3 Usernames — within their own Universal Wallet, created and accessible via their email address or social handle.

AppKit, along with its new features, will be available from June 12, 2024.

Meet WalletKit: The only wallet stack to bring the best of the new internet to your users

WalletKit is the complete toolkit for building and connecting wallets designed for the new internet. It unlocks powerful wallet-based, user-centric features and provides a simple, secure way for your wallet users to easily connect with thousands of apps. WalletKit’s unique feature stack offers wallet builders an unfair advantage with unbeaten experiences across connectivity, security, and communication. With a top-to-bottom approach in bridging your users to the endless opportunities of web3, wallets that integrate WalletKit can experience:

  • Industry-leading connectivity & lasting community growth: Connect your users to over 6,000 apps across multiple chains with a single integration. Develop & grow lasting communities with multiple easy-to-integrate, user-first layered features that can be set up with just a few lines of code.
  • Powerful combinations for powerful experiences: While each feature of the WalletKit stack is powerful on its own, when combined, WalletKit’s layered features provide wallet users a seamless, secure, and interactive web3 experience.
  • Rich analytics, better security: Forget guesswork. With WalletConnect Cloud, access free data tooling to support your business and customers, and minimize risk exposure across multiple third parties with one single tool built to manage all of your integrations.
  • Native-first framework & language optionality: WalletKit is available across 6+ frameworks and languages — including iOS, Android, and Flutter — making integration for different project types hassle-free.
  • Confidence and security throughout their journey: Features like One-click Auth, Verify, and Notify make wallet experiences simpler, safer, and more engaging. With WalletKit, support for your users is available at every stage of their journey.

The kit hosts a range of stacked features, including:

One-Click Auth (new ✨) — A simple integration that streamlines the authentication process to a single step, improving the end-user experience and reducing friction.

Web3 Notifications — A communications feature that enables wallets to enrich their user experience by providing their communities with direct access to critical and powerful updates from their favorite apps.

App Verification — A first-of-its-kind layered security solution that enables wallets and apps to help users protect themselves from phishing attacks.

WalletKit, along with its new features, will be available from June 12, 2024.

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