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February 15, 2024
Pedro Gomes photo
Pedro Gomes
A new chapter for WalletConnect
An exciting journey ahead for the WalletConnect ecosystem.

Six years ago, I set out with an idea to build a simple protocol that would make connecting in web3 easier. Little did I know that six years later, what began as a humble solution for wallets and apps to easily interact would evolve into an international team of 40+ incredible minds working day-in-day-out to connect millions of web3 users every single month.

Over the years, what we’ve built at WalletConnect has continued to serve its core purpose of bettering web3 experiences, with meaningful changes and impactful adaptations along the way. In 2023 we completed the v2 protocol migration, marking a major milestone for the industry. We also continued the development and deployment of pivotal builder tools like Web3Modal, which now sees over 4K active projects connecting over 1 million unique addresses every single week. In 2024 alone we’ve already seen a major impact from the launch of Web3Inbox – with over 4 million messages delivered across the server and 150K+ web3 users enjoying a brand-new crypto-native communication experience. 

I’m tremendously proud of what we have built at WalletConnect. As we look to grow, scale, and nurture both the WalletConnect Protocol, through its evolution into a decentralized public good, and our suite of developer tools as these mature to meet the growing demands of our industry’s builders, I have decided the time is now right to change my role at the company. 

I started building this company because I loved creating standards and empowering the web3 community with useful tools – decentralizing the WalletConnect Protocol has always played a role in that. With that said, as we continue to progress along this ambitious journey, I will be transitioning from CEO to President of WalletConnect, with a key goal to expand my focus to better support the ecosystem with development across standards, and of course, ensure the successful decentralization of the protocol and delivery of the WalletConnect mission. 

In my role as President, I will remain on the Board and work closely with our newly appointed CEO, Jess Houlgrave, our CTO, Derek Rein, and the rest of the leadership team. Our mission to radically improve web3 experiences will remain the same, and my priorities will continue to focus on growing and nurturing what came from that simple idea six years ago.

Seeing the impact WalletConnect has had on the development of this industry is an honor I’ll always carry with me, and I’m incredibly grateful to the community and all those who directly supported the project throughout the years for helping us shape it into what it is today. I am just as honored and excited to continue contributing toward its future – here’s to six great years passed, and many more ahead.

Thank you for joining us on the journey,


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