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June 12, 2024
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Introducing Social Login: Unlock your app for billions of users
80 million people connect to the digital world with a wallet. 8 billion connect with something else. Who are you building for?

One of the biggest barriers to the new internet for new users today is the tedious, daunting, and confusing process of finding and setting up a wallet. From understanding custody to maintaining seed phrases, the expectations set on new visitors to the space are overwhelming, so it's no wonder so many are still yet to explore the world of web3.

Put simply: improving UX in web3 is critical to its future, and reducing the learning curve is part and parcel of that. Combining familiar, intuitive experiences with the abstraction of unnecessarily premature requirements unlocks untold opportunity to support global audiences in accessing web3, which is why we’re excited to introduce AppKit’s latest onboarding feature: Social Login.

Transforming the onboarding process with Social Login 🪄

Love it or hate it, web2 isn’t going anywhere just yet. Though the benefits of self-sovereignty and ownership through decentralized wallets offer untold value when pinned against traditional social media platforms, an overwhelming majority of the world’s digital users today flock to the simplified structure of social login for much of their day-to-day online activities.

AppKit’s Social Login — built in partnership with Magic — combines the familiarity and simplicity of web2 accessibility with the security and ownership promise of web3 to empower builders to bring their apps to a world of new users.

With just a few lines of code, apps can integrate Social Login and give users the power to access web3 using nothing more than a social media handle. Some highlights include:

  • Enhanced onboarding: By leveraging familiar sign-in methods fosters a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Coupled with a sleek and beautiful interface, this feature ensures that navigating your dapps is as enjoyable as it is efficient.
  • Increased adoption: By removing barriers to entry, our social login feature opens the door to a wider audience, driving increased adoption and engagement for web3 applications. Whether users are new to the crypto space or seasoned veterans, the simplicity of social login encourages greater participation and interaction.
  • Premium, interoperable, long-lasting UX: Email & Social login provide lasting user experiences with Universal Wallets, allowing your users to access any Email & Social Login-integrated app on the internet with the same social handle or email address
  • A layered feature in the AppKit stack: Integrate in minutes with just a few lines of code and manage with your existing AppKit integration to limit third-party risk and management

Apps can support login across Google, Apple, Facebook, X, GitHub, and Discord and integrate with our React, Next.js, Vue, and Javascript AppKit packages.

Create lasting experiences with Universal Wallets 👝

Once logged in, users can explore apps with ease and navigate a hassle-free journey into web3 with their own AppKit Universal Wallet, allowing them to experience the benefits of web3 tooling with a simple in-app Smart Account wallet directly linked to their social login.

Along with features like On-ramp, Swaps, Send, and Receive already baked in, Universal Wallets allow users to travel across the new internet with the same social login and access the same wallet each time. Built with powerful Smart Account technology — in partnership with Safe — and simplicity at the forefront, users can enjoy additional premium wallet features like Web3 Usernames, allowing them to create a memorable wallet identity when they first log into an app with their social handle and carry it along their journey when they’re ready to graduate to a self-custodial wallet.

Get started with Social Login today ➡️

If you have an existing AppKit integration, you can get set up with Swaps with just one line of code:

  1. Login to Cloud and get your Project ID
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of AppKit installed
  3. Head to the Social Login docs to get started

New to AppKit? Head here to learn how you can get set up with the all-in-one stack to build apps for the new internet today.

Learn more about AppKit 📲

AppKit is the all-in-one developer tooling platform that enables app builders to easily and securely build products for the new internet. With a rich, layered feature stack spanning onboarding to payments, messaging and more, the simplified stack structure of AppKit enables apps to build powerful top-to-bottom web3 experiences made to last, all through one seamless integration.

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