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WalletConnect enhances web3-enabled communications with the launch of the Web3Inbox app

The new product drives progress towards a true, end-to-end web3 experience

NEW YORK -– January 16, 2024 –- WalletConnect, a leading web3 communications protocol, today announced the launch of the Web3Inbox application, a new easy-to-use consumer product that provides both users and apps an essential communication point, flexible to the demands and needs of today’s world. The platform gives users of any wallet an all-in-one inbox to subscribe and interact with updates from the apps they love, enabling a headache-free, web3-first notification experience that keeps them in control. The app launch follows the rollout of the Notify API for Wallets and app developer toolkit, Web3Inbox SDK. Together, the new Web3Inbox products empower developers to build the foundation for human-readable web3 messages to seamlessly work at scale, and provide the base layer for users to enjoy the benefits.

The Web3Inbox app–WalletConnect’s first-ever user-centric product–will enable users to access and manage important notifications from the apps they use – all in one place, all on their terms, all of the time. Through a single, sleek dashboard, users can receive and manage their notifications from multiple apps, just as they would in a wallet. The waitlist – boasting tens of thousands of end users – will gain access to the app upon launch.

“Web3Inbox is much more than a win for WalletConnect, it’s a game-changer for web3. It cuts through the jargon and puts human-to-human communication at the heart of the user experience,” said Pedro Gomes, CEO and founder of WalletConnect. “Web3’s cryptic language and reliance on web2 communications has been a barrier to wider adoption and WalletConnect’s Web3Inbox shatters that barrier, embedding clear, accessible communication directly within the web3 experience.”

The Web3Inbox SDK, launched in December, enables apps to better connect with users through web3 notifications and allows wallets to empower users to receive notifications right within their wallet. With the new tooling provided by WalletConnect, wallets can offer their users ultimate control over their experience interacting with selected apps through their wallet. The new SDK has a number of APIs that will unlock messaging all across web3 including Notify API (app-to-consumer) and in the coming months, Chat API (peer-to-peer).

Leading apps like PancakeSwap, SPACE ID, Guild, TrustaLabs, Robots.Farm, Snapshot, Galxe, Sovereign Nature Initiative, Peanut Protocol, and Chainspot are all confirmed to launch notifications within the Web3Inbox app – enabling users to receive web3-based push notifications straight to their phones – with many also utilizing the Web3Inbox SDK to launch notifications within their own apps, too.

To celebrate the launch of Web3Inbox, WalletConnect has partnered with non-profit Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) to create a first-of-its-kind bioacoustic NFT art collection, delivered to the web3 community in partnership with Transient Labs – on Arbitrum. Eligible Web3Inbox users will be airdropped NFTs that are linked to ecological data from real-world sperm whales and humpback whales in the Caribbean, collected by the conservation organization AquaSearch. Broken down into four limited-edition categories ranging in rarity and highlighting different communicative whale sounds, every NFT holder gains access to SNI’s REAL Portal, where users can verify what animal their asset is linked to, information about the conservation project it supports and the impact the project is aiming to achieve.

To learn more about Web3Inbox, please visit or for developers, visit To keep up-to-date with WalletConnect, please visit and follow us on Twitter at @WalletConnect.

About WalletConnect

Founded in 2018 by CEO Pedro Gomes, WalletConnect is the web3 communications protocol enabling interoperability between wallets and dapps across chains. Having been integrated by over 500 wallets and 3,000 apps, it facilitates millions of end user connections each month. Today, it is also empowering developers to build engaging web3 experiences with a suite of SDKs: Web3Modal, Web3Wallet, and Web3Inbox. It has raised $25 million from some of the world’s leading tech and crypto investors, including Union Square Ventures, 1kx, Shopify, Coinbase Ventures, Circle Ventures, and Uniswap Labs Ventures. WalletConnect integrations currently span the Ethereum, Solana, NEAR, Cosmos, and other blockchains. For more information, please visit

About Sovereign Nature Initiative

The Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) enables companies to create a verifiable nature-positive impact by connecting ecological data to digital assets. We build at the intersection of ecology, economy, and emerging technologies to introduce new funding mechanisms for biodiversity protection and restoration. For more information, please visit:

About Transient Labs

Transient Labs is the premier innovation platform for Web3 creators, projects, and ecosystems around the world. Our mission is to unlock the potential of blockchain and smart contract technology, and redefine what ownership means now and in the future. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter.

About Aqua Search

AquaSearch offers expertise in the environmental and oceanographic fields, including scientific research projects (field and laboratory), as well as public awareness and communication (scientific popularization). Present in France and abroad, they carry out research projects in marine and freshwater environments and are jointly developing innovative research projects on the ecological and acoustic study of aquatic species. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

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