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March 21, 2024
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On-ramp: Seamless fiat-to-crypto transactions, right within your app
Web3Modal’s latest feature — On-ramp — lets apps empower users to buy crypto for a variety of use cases from right within the app. The simple integration enables secure in-app crypto purchases to create seamless user experiences and drastically boost on-site activity.

In web2, when we need to make a payment online — whether it be for online shopping, a subscription service, or buying in-game products — the process is simple, intuitive, and most notably, all takes place without the user having to leave the app. In today’s web3 landscape, things aren’t quite as straightforward.

When a user in web3 goes to make a similar transaction, they typically need to have the right tokens on the right chains readily available in their wallet. If not, they’re obliged to endure the tedious process of heading to an exchange or wallet application to source the tokens they’re looking for, often leading to a major drop-off in engagement for apps, and an all-around second-rate offering.

Now, there are solutions for this, but many come with their own subset of sacrifices — often transferring the user’s headache onto those providing the service.

That’s where Web3Modal’s On-ramp comes in.

Secure crypto purchases without leaving your app ⚡️

Powered by Coinbase Pay and layered into Web3Modal, On-ramp securely provides users access to over 100 cryptocurrencies from right within your app. In just a few clicks, users can access existing funds in their Coinbase account or purchase new tokens to support in-app activity and transactions across multiple chains, including Ethereum, Base, Arbitrum, and Polygon.

From web3 gaming to collectibles, with On-ramp, users can elevate their web3 journeys across a diversity of use cases through simplified, in-app transactional tooling, and finally enjoy web2-style hassle-free engagement while leveraging the opportunities of web3.

Some key features include:

  • In-app crypto buys for 100+ tokens across multiple chains: On-ramp facilitates the direct buying of cryptocurrencies within the app across a number of different chains, ensuring a seamless user journey.
  • Direct credit card use and 60+ fiat currencies: Users can effortlessly engage in fiat-to-crypto transactions using their credit cards, simplifying the path from fiat to digital currency.
  • Secure infrastructure, powered by Coinbase: Ensure compliance and credibility for your fiat-to-crypto transactions and rest easy knowing your users can expect the trusted and secure infrastructure of Coinbase.

By enriching your app's offerings with On-ramp, you create a streamlined solution that allows end-users to purposefully buy cryptocurrencies without ever leaving the app environment, equally boosting your app’s utility, engagement, conversion, and retention.

Powerful On-ramp features, packed into your modal 🤝

For web3 projects to leverage the power of in-app crypto buys today, they’re often left resorting to researching, integrating, and managing another third-party tool on top of the existing integrations they already have, removing the tedious process from their users’ journey by injecting it into their own.

With On-ramp, in-app payments are a layered feature, packed into the powerful Web3Modal SDK, giving apps the ability to provide seamless crypto buys all through their existing modal setup, and enjoy:

  • Faster shipping with a simplified setup: Integrate On-ramp with just one line of code to unlock a world of opportunity for your users in minutes.
  • More focus, less risk with an all-in-one integration: Cut the process — and risk — of using multiple third-party providers through the integration of one powerful SDK.
  • Increased conversion and app usage: Minimize the risk of drop-offs by providing a unified approach to ensure your users have what they need when they need it.

Working alongside features like Email Wallets, this dynamic integration allows apps to unlock an all-in-one web3 experience — from onboarding, to adding funds, to making a purchase — for their users without the headache of managing multiple parties, products, and risk factors. For developers, this means less time spent on integrating multiple services and more time to focus on building exceptional UX.

One integration packs the punch for an immersive, secure, industry-leading crypto solution.

Get started with On-ramp today ➡️

If you’ve got an existing Web3Modal integration, you can get set up with On-ramp with just one line of code:

  1. Login to Cloud and get your Project ID
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of Web3Modal (v4) installed
  3. Add the enableOnramp flag set to true in the createWeb3Modal function configuration
  4. That’s it! You’re all set up to create a next-level web3 experience for your users with an immersive, secure, and simple On-ramp solution

If you’re new to Web3Modal, head here to learn how you can get set up with the all-in-one SDK for apps.

Ready to up your app’s game with On-ramp in minutes? Head to the docs to get started.

On-ramp is available for apps that have integrated the latest version of Web3Modal (V4). Click here to upgrade to the latest version.

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