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June 28, 2023
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WalletConnect v1.0 has now been shut down!
This marks the end of a months-long migration to WalletConnect v2.0 and the start of more seamless user experiences for the entire web3 ecosystem.

Five years after it was first built, WalletConnect v1.0 has now — and finally — been shut down!

This marks the beginning of a new era for WalletConnect, as we finally say goodbye to WalletConnect v1.0 and hello to WalletConnect v2.0. However, we know that not everyone has completed their migration and some questions remain. One popular question has been whether it is possible to run your own bridge server in order to maintain compatibility with WalletConnect v1.0.

While this is entirely possible with WalletConnect v1.0, we heavily discourage this. Not only will running your own bridge server require more effort than upgrading to WalletConnect v2.0, but there is no scalable production code available. We made the decision to shut down WalletConnect v1.0 because it is not horizontally-scalable and extremely unreliable to maintain. It is simply not worth it, and this is the moment to collectively move on.

If you remain interested in self-hosting, we encourage you to wait until this option becomes available for WalletConnect v2.0 — which it will! This is something we are currently working on, and we will provide updates as developments occur.

Technical support update

If you require technical assistance, please ask your question on the WalletConnect GitHub. This is the fastest and most direct line to our team, and you can expedite things even more with detailed reporting or by helping formalize it in our GitHub Discussions.

Dapps, please include the following information:

  1. The package and version you are using
  2. Reproducible code via a codeBox
  3. The wallet (platform and version) you are using to get this error
  4. Whether you get errors on
  5. How many users are impacted by this (estimates are fine)
  6. Severity rating (P0 — all WalletConnect users impacted; P1—several applications impacted; P2—localized impact)

Wallets, please include the following information:

  1. The SDK and version you are using
  2. Reproduction path for the issue
  3. The wallet (platform and version) you are using to get this error
  4. The specific dapp that you tested against (if necessary)
  5. How many users are impacted by this (estimates are fine)
  6. Severity rating (P0 — all WalletConnect users impacted; P1 — several applications impacted; P2 — localized impact)

As a service commitment to our users, WalletConnect ensures 24/7 on-call support for WalletConnect v2.0 services. You can get a real-time look at the state of these services on WalletConnect Status — and don’t forget to subscribe to receive updates!

Haven’t migrated yet?

WalletConnect v2.0 was designed to level up web3 UX and lay a foundation that can support mainstream adoption. Its advantages include:

  • Fast and reliable transactions: With WalletConnect v2.0, users can transact with speed and confidence, thanks to a redesigned and regionalized backend. If a message goes missing, it is rebroadcasted.
  • 1-action SIWE: Sign-in with Ethereum is made even more seamless with WalletConnect v2.0, as the WalletConnect Auth API combines the “Connect” and “Sign” flow into just one step. Our approach to wallet authentication has even been made a standard (CAIP-222).
  • Not just multi-chain but simultaneously so: You no longer have to switch between chains, which is just terrible UX. With WalletConnect v2.0, users can explore and transact on multiple chains, at the same time.
  • Many more features and developments on the horizon: WalletConnect is building all kinds of new features on WalletConnect v2.0, such as push notifications. Moreover, our objective is to create the decentralized WalletConnect Network — but more on that another day.

You can start your migration today by going to our migration docs. Don’t forget to take a look at our migration FAQs as well.

A note from the WalletConnect team

We at WalletConnect would like to express our appreciation for all of your efforts over the course of this migration. We knew it was going to be a massive undertaking when we kicked it off last year, and we have been blown away by the support along the way.

This Friday, we will be holding a Twitter Spaces to discuss both the v1.0 shutdown and the v2.0 future, as well as answer your questions. Set your reminders now!

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