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March 25, 2024
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Revolutionizing Online Shopping: Moso's Journey with WalletConnect's AppKit
Turn your everyday shopping into crypto rewards. Learn how Moso uses WalletConnect's AppKit to revolutionize online shopping.

In a digital landscape dominated by traditional cash-back services, Moso emerges as a beacon of innovation, redefining the online shopping experience through the integration of cryptocurrency rewards. 

Founded on the principle of empowering users with web3, Moso offers a unique proposition: earn crypto while you shop – effectively turning everyday shopping into a rewarding experience. This paradigm shift aligns with the growing trend toward shopper empowerment, where consumers seek greater value and utility from their interactions with brands and retailers.

Moso stands at the forefront of web3 shopping, bridging the gap between e-commerce and digital currency. Its founder Blake Capozza elaborates on Moso's mission, stating, "our platform offers cryptocurrency rewards for online purchases, revolutionizing the conventional cash-back model. With Moso, users not only enjoy the benefits of traditional shopping but also earn crypto back on every transaction."

However, Moso's commitment to shopper empowerment extends beyond just offering rewards; it also encompasses a dedication to transparency, user-centricity, and accessibility. Through its collaboration with WalletConnect, Moso aims to further enhance user communication and engagement, ensuring that shoppers are consistently informed about the latest updates, promotions, and opportunities to maximize their rewards. 

“We recognized the need for a more efficient communication channel to reach our users directly. WalletConnect's AppKit presented a seamless solution, allowing us to bypass the clutter of traditional email inboxes and connect with users through their preferred applications – their wallets," says Blake. 

Streamlined integration for enhanced audience engagement

The collaboration stemmed from Moso’s commitment to reaching a wider, web3-native audience and meeting users where they are. This strategic partnership aimed to broaden Moso’s outreach and connect with users through their preferred platforms. Reflecting on the integration process, Blake describes it as a remarkably “smooth” experience, emphasizing that it provided the company with, “access to a broader audience and streamlined our message delivery. The simplicity and effectiveness of WalletConnect's solution have been commendable."

During the initial exploration of alternative communication channels, Moso found AppKit to be the optimal choice. Blake underscores this decision, stating that AppKit emerged as the "consolidated solution for our communications strategy." He adds that AppKit effectiveness in reaching Moso’s target audience surpassed any alternative solution.

Elevating the user experience

Since integrating WalletConnect's AppKit, Moso has observed a notable enhancement in user experience. The feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive, affirming the impact of this collaboration. 

Blake underscores this sentiment, expressing, "WalletConnect has empowered us to connect with thousands of new subscribers, ensuring they stay informed about our latest updates and offerings." He further highlights the pivotal role of AppKit in facilitating direct engagement with users as being instrumental in enhancing user satisfaction.

Moso's commitment to delivering a seamless web3-native customer experience remains unwavering. Blake reiterates the importance of their customer-first approach, stating, "Our journey with WalletConnect reflects our dedication to innovation and customer-centricity. We're excited about the possibilities ahead and look forward to continuing our collaboration with WalletConnect to redefine online shopping in the web3 era."

Unboxing the future: Moso's collaborative partnership with WalletConnect

Looking ahead, Moso is committed to advancing its web3 shopping ecosystem through innovative products such as Moso Shops and Moso Quests with Galxe Integration. Following the initial positive feedback from users with AppKit notifications, the team promptly expanded the offering, incorporating email functionality shortly thereafter – and Moso is eagerly anticipating continued collaboration with WalletConnect to drive its initiatives forward.

"WalletConnect's AppKit plays a crucial role in notifying users about our latest updates, tracking transactions, and confirming rewards,” notes Blake. “Additionally, integrating email by WalletConnect will expand our reach, ensuring vital information is conveyed effectively."

Moso's partnership with WalletConnect and the adoption of AppKit signal a milestone in the online shopping experience. By harnessing cryptocurrency rewards and leveraging innovative communication channels, Moso is not only revolutionizing the way users shop but also laying the groundwork for a more inclusive and rewarding web3 ecosystem.

As Moso continues to push the boundaries of innovation, one thing remains evident: the future of online shopping shows promise in the way of user-first and web3-centric foundations empowering users every step of the way.

Learn more about Moso

Moso is a shop-to-earn platform that revolutionizes the way consumers shop online. With a mission to seamlessly integrate the worlds of e-commerce and cryptocurrency, Moso offers users the unique opportunity to earn crypto rewards on purchases made at Walmart, eBay, Shopee, SpaceID, and over 2,000+ other merchants.

Learn more about AppKit

AppKit's notifications are the web3 communications tool connecting apps with users — all in one place, all on their terms, all of the time. It enables event-based notifications that apps can send to subscribed accounts and has successfully delivered over 4.5 million messages. Explore AppKit in greater detail here.

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