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February 19, 2024
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Kriptomat: The Name of the Game? Interoperability
Kriptomat levels up its gaming wallet, offering advanced interoperability capabilities thanks to its integration of WalletConnect’s Web3Wallet SDK.

The intersection of web3 and gaming is ushering in a new era of innovation, fundamentally altering how players interact, transact, and own virtual assets in the digital realm.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications have fueled the rise of GameFi in particular — or the application of elements of decentralized finance (DeFi) in gaming so that players can unlock financial rewards. Thanks to a compelling combination of tokenization, web3 payments, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), there is greater room to play with in-game assets than ever before. However, with so many individual tokens and NFTs, the web3 gaming industry faces a user experience challenge, where gamers still need to manage numerous wallets for diverse tokens across various games.

This is where Kriptomat has emerged as a visionary force. With its Web3 Gaming Wallet, which leverages the Web3Wallet SDK, the company seeks to simplify the user journey for those exploring web3 games for the first time. In doing so, it is bridging the gap into the massive billion-dollar mobile gaming market by addressing the fragmented and complex process users face when engaging with web3 gaming platforms.

One wallet for hundreds of web3 games

The Web3Wallet SDK lies at the core of this collaboration between Kriptomat and WalletConnect. Thanks to Web3Wallet, gamers can access over 100 gaming dapps through a single wallet — the Kriptomat Web3 Gaming Wallet.

If a user is attempting to connect with a web3 game on desktop, all they have to do is scan the web3 game’s QR code with the Kriptomat Web3 Gaming Wallet. On mobile, this is done through a mobile link. When this happens, the WalletConnect Protocol gets to work under-the-hood, establishing the connection and enabling the user to start exploring the web3 game.

"Integrating WalletConnect’s Web3Wallet SDK into the Kriptomat Web3 Gaming Wallet was a logical step in Kriptomat's mission to make crypto accessible to everyone,” says Srdjan Mahmutovic, Group CEO and founder of Kriptomat. “With the WalletConnect Protocol already supported by thousands of dapps, we are in prime position to truly make web3 gaming accessible to all through the Kriptomat Web3 Wallet.

One wallet for countless gaming tokens

Traditional gamers are often deterred from exploring web3 gaming due to the complex steps associated with acquiring gaming tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Currently, users looking to purchase tokens exclusively available on a DEX must navigate through various platforms, including a web3 wallet, a centralized exchange, and the DEX for token swaps. Additionally, the purchased tokens often require manual addition to MetaMask wallets for visibility. 

Kriptomat, through its Web3Wallet SDK integration, eliminates these unnecessary steps. Users can securely store all their tokens and NFTs in a single wallet, simplifying the process of purchasing game tokens without the need for complicated swaps.

Our goal with the Kriptomat Web3 Gaming Wallet is to create a seamless and user-friendly experience that removes the intimidating barriers often associated with cryptocurrencies. We want users to feel as if they are engaging with a traditional mobile game, without the complexities typically associated with crypto,” notes Mahmutovic. 

One wallet for secure gaming 

Ensuring increased adoption in web3 gaming crucially hinges on reliability, with security taking the forefront. Every gamer seeks assurance that their hard-earned achievements will be safeguarded.

Boosted by the Web3Wallet SDK’s Sign API, Kriptomat ensures end-to-end encrypted connections, providing users with a secure environment for transacting. With support for simultaneous networks, users can also sign transactions across networks within seconds, without having to switch between chains. 

Likewise, reliability in web3 also means logging into dapps and interacting instantly. The WalletConnect Protocol boasts an impressive 99.9% uptime, ensuring that Kriptomat users have uninterrupted access to gaming apps. Fast connection speeds further contribute to a smooth and efficient user experience, enhancing the overall appeal of Kriptomat as a web3 gaming wallet.

Looking ahead: The future of web3 gaming

The collaboration between Kriptomat and WalletConnect showcases the transformative power of interoperability in web3 gaming, opening avenues for gamers to further explore gaming NFTs, GameFi, and innovative gaming rewards. 

By aligning with our mission of making web3 accessible to all, we aim to open up the world of web3 gaming to a wider audience, including those who may not have prior experience with cryptocurrencies,” concludes Mahmutovic.

Learn more about Kriptomat

Kriptomat brings together decentralized and centralized finance in one intuitive platform. Whether you’re exploring DeFi, CeFi, or connecting with Web3 — Kriptomat has simplified buying, selling, storing, and investing in cryptocurrencies. Read more about Kriptomat here.

Learn more about Web3Wallet

Built by WalletConnect, Web3Wallet is a comprehensive toolkit that powers wallet UX. From secure transaction signing to decrypted push and app notifications, this SDK enables wallet users to plug into web3 and start interacting with applications and smart contracts seamlessly. Explore Web3Wallet in greater detail here.  

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