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September 7, 2023
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Introducing WalletConnect Modal: The mobile-ready solution for apps

Think about the last time you connected to a web3 — or web2 — app with your wallet. Chances are, the app was a desktop app. Meanwhile, the majority of the world (a cool 6.3 billion!) goes online and interacts with digital services everyday using their smartphone.

If mainstream adoption is what we’re hoping to achieve, then it’s about time we start to think — and build — more natively. That’s why we’ve released the WalletConnect Modal SDK, a native solution that helps you integrate wallet connection into your iOS or Android mobile app, starting today.

The WalletConnect Modal SDK: Build natively

WalletConnect Modal is a simple SDK that allows you to integrate a custom wallet connection modal into your mobile app. It leverages the WalletConnect Explorer to list all WalletConnect-compatible wallets, enabling your users to seamlessly search for and connect using their preferred wallet. You can now get started in Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, and React Native and leverage the following features:

  • Lists all WalletConnect-compatible wallets
  • Displays a QR code with a connection URI copy-to-clipboard function
  • Displays WalletConnect Explorer listings by platform
  • Uses deep links and universal linking
  • Enables automatic session recovery/restore

WalletConnect Modal has already been integrated by many, including Sonorous (music protocol), DIMO (connected car app), and NinjaVerse (gaming app), to easily onboard wallet users to their mobile apps. You can try out the WalletConnect Modal experience on these mobile apps yourself, or give our sample React Native app a spin.

Seamlessly connect to web3 mobile apps like Sonorous and NinjaVerse with WalletConnect Modal

Coming soon: Web3Modal for mobile

WalletConnect Modal is our first offering for mobile app developers, but it’s certainly not our last.

In fact, we are currently working on bringing Web3Modal, our feature-rich wallet login SDK, to native platforms, which will allow you to easily integrate features such as account display and ENS resolution as well as leverage built-in support for injected wallets. Web3Modal for Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, and React Native is currently under development, so stay tuned for updates!

Getting started

Head on over to the WalletConnect docs to explore the WalletConnect Modal SDK in greater detail. If you encounter an issue and require technical support, please reach out to us on GitHub.

Happy building!

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