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May 8, 2024
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Enhancing web3 security: How Harpie secures the blockchain with Web3Modal
The future of blockchain security hinges on more than just cutting-edge technology; it demands smart, meaningful collaboration to safeguard assets with confidence.

At the core of all blockchain innovation lies the most fundamental criteria: ensuring the safety of users and their digital assets, empowering them to navigate web3 with confidence. For Harpie, a boutique firm specializing in security tooling, safeguarding users' assets and data is not just a priority but a mission. With a team of ten dedicated professionals, Harpie offers a suite of products and services to fortify the Ethereum and blockchain space.

"From consumer-facing tools that empower individuals to assess and enhance their security posture to enterprise solutions that provide advanced protection and monitoring capabilities, our goal is to create a safer environment for all participants in the blockchain ecosystem," explains Brittany Mier y Terán, head of business development at Harpie.

The journey of integrating WalletConnect's Web3Modal SDK into Harpie's ecosystem marks a significant milestone in their pursuit of democratizing access to their security stack.

"For us, it's crucial that every participant in the blockchain space can seamlessly access our security solutions, regardless of their preferred wallet," says Britt. "WalletConnect emerged as the optimal pathway to achieve this goal, offering compatibility with a wide range of wallets and streamlining the user experience."

Smoother onboarding makes for a safer blockchain ecosystem

The impact of Web3Modal on Harpie's user experience has been substantial, particularly in addressing compatibility issues with popular wallets.

“Coinbase Wallet was a significant challenge for us in the past, as users faced difficulties accessing our platform," notes Britt. "However, with the integration of Web3Modal, these barriers were eliminated, resulting in a smoother and more inclusive experience. As a result, we've seen a notable increase in completed onboarding flows, indicating a positive shift in user behavior. "

This significant enhancement in user onboarding and engagement has fostered inclusivity within the ecosystem and opened doors for a broader audience to benefit from blockchain security solutions. “We've seen a 15% increase in wallet connection completion rate — aka onboarding completion rate – since Web3Modal implementation. This lift was evident almost immediately and has been sustained to date,” shares Noah Chong, Head of Product and co-founder of Harpie.

Elevating ecosystem security with integration ease

The partnership with WalletConnect extends beyond technology compatibility, as Harpie values the collaborative ethos and expertise of the WalletConnect team. "For us, choosing partnerships is about aligning with teams that share our values and vision," explains Britt. "The WalletConnect team embodies professionalism and dedication at every level, making them an ideal partner for us."

Reflecting on the integration process, Harpie commends WalletConnect for its seamless implementation and robust support. "The interaction and communication with the WalletConnect team have been exceptional," acknowledges Noah. "The documentation provided was comprehensive, and whenever we encountered challenges, the team was readily available to assist."

On the Web3Modal SDK more specifically, Noah appreciated the simplicity and abundance of features that work out of the box. “It's a no-brainer if you're a project that currently uses ethers.js and want a more user-friendly and robust connection solution for your app," he says, adding that WalletConnect’s robust API even slotted perfectly into their current codebase. "The actual modal itself looks great and provides a better user experience than our previous modal, especially on mobile. This last point is a huge benefit for us and explains the lift in onboarding completion we've witnessed,” he concludes.

While evaluating alternative solutions, Harpie recognized WalletConnect as the industry leader in interoperable wallet connectivity. "WalletConnect's reputation for reliability and trustworthiness sets it apart from other options," he says. "Integrating with multiple wallets individually would be impractical for our small team, making WalletConnect the go-to choice for seamless wallet integration."

The future of web3 security is chain agnostic

Harpie's collaboration with WalletConnect exemplifies the power of partnership in advancing blockchain security and accessibility. By leveraging Web3Modal's capabilities, Harpie is poised to continue its mission of fortifying the blockchain landscape and empowering users with cutting-edge security tools.

Britt shares her excitement about the future of blockchain security and collaboration. "For me, I'm excited about the applications of our engine because first, we were just fitting an existing keyhole, and now we're getting to be creative and seeing how people use our products," she says. She is most enthusiastic about the potential for security innovation when collaboration replaces working in silos. By advocating for collaboration and encouraging the use of "a tech stack and not a single tech solution," she believes the security industry will flourish, effectively tackling evolving challenges and staying ahead of hackers' innovative tactics.

Looking ahead, Harpie is focused on expanding its security offerings to support cross-chain functionality and enhance blockchain security awareness. "Our primary goal is to ensure security across diverse blockchain ecosystems," says Britt. "As we venture into multi-chain support, WalletConnect's robust infrastructure will play a vital role in facilitating secure asset management across various networks."

Harpie's dedication to enhancing blockchain security and fostering collaboration within the ecosystem underscores the importance of partnerships like the one with WalletConnect. Together, we are shaping the future of web3 security, making it more inclusive, robust, and chain-agnostic – laying a solid foundation to welcome the next billion users with confidence and trust.

About Harpie

Harpie is cutting-edge theft protection for web3 wallets, built to safeguard users from hacks, scams, and human error with continuous risk monitoring and real-time threat response. With an easy-to-use suite of powerful security tools, Harpie simplifies wallet protection and eliminates the threat of blockchain-based theft for users of all experience levels. Harpie is backed by leading web3 names including Dragonfly Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and OpenSea.

About Web3Modal SDK

Built by WalletConnect, Web3Modal is an all-in-one SDK that helps app developers unlock more users through an intuitive wallet login interface. It supports login by custodial, self-custodial, and email wallets, delivering an experience suitable for users along the entire spectrum of web3 familiarity. Explore Web3Modal in greater detail here and start building with our docs here.

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