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October 5, 2023
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Unlocking the power of Verify API: A step-by-step guide for apps

Verifying your domain is a crucial step when using WalletConnect’s Verify API. This 20-minute process ensures the security and authenticity of your website, allowing seamless integration with the Verify API. In this guide, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step tutorial on domain verification, which should give you a clear and straightforward understanding of how to get your domain verified.

Step 1: Getting Started

  1. Navigate to the WalletConnect Cloud: Begin by visiting and logging into your account.
  2. Create a new project: Once logged in, create a new project to get started with the verification process.

Step 2: Accessing Domain Verification

  1. Locate Domain Verification: Inside your project, you’ll find the Domain Verification section. This area is essential for establishing the connection between your domain and the Verify API.

The "domain verification" section of the WalletConnect Cloud dashboard

Step 3: Exploring the Explorer Tab

  1. Head to the Explorer Tab: Move to the Explorer tab within your project. This is where you’ll enter the necessary information to set up the verification process.
  2. Enter Website URL: In the Homepage section, input the URL of the website you intend to verify.
  3. Fill in Details: Complete other necessary fields such as description, logo, and type. Once done, remember to save the changes and return to the Settings tab.

Navigating to the Explorer tab

Entering the website URL under "homepage"

Step 4: Reviewing Domain Verification

  1. Check Domain Verification Section: Go back to the Settings tab and review the Domain Verification section. It should display the information you entered in the previous steps.

The WalletConnect Cloud dashboard after adding your domain

Step 5: Editing DNS Records

  1. Copy Verification Text: Click on the copy button within the Domain Verification section. This copied text will be used to configure your DNS records.
  2. Access Domain Registrar/Provider: Visit your Domain Name Registrar or Provider’s dashboard. For this example, we’ll use Porkbun.
  3. Edit DNS Records: In the DNS settings, select “TXT” as the record type. Paste the copied verification text into the “Answer” section. Note that the field names might vary based on your DNS provider. If you’re verifying a subdomain, add it under “Host.” Leave the TTL value at its default setting.
  4. Propagation Time: Depending on your DNS settings, it might take some time for these changes to reflect. You can use tools like Dig or services like MXToolbox to check your DNS settings and propagation status.

Modifying your DNS records with your domain registrar

Step 6: Final Verification

  1. Verify on Cloud Dashboard: Once your DNS records have propagated and you’ve confirmed the changes, return to your Cloud Dashboard.
  2. Click on Verify: In your project, click on the Verify button. You should receive a toast notification confirming the successful verification. The Domain Verification section should now display a green tick, indicating a successful verification.

A green tick indicates successful domain verification

What you should see when your domain has been successfully verified!


As you conclude this step-by-step guide, it’s vital to emphasize the critical role that domain verification plays in supporting the security and authenticity of your website as you harness the capabilities of the Verify API on WalletConnect Cloud. This process helps establish a robust foundation for your app’s users to navigate web3 more securely.

By following the outlined steps, you’re not only verifying your domain but also enabling a seamless integration of your website with the powerful features that the Verify API brings to the table. It enables wallets to help their users determine whether the domain they’re about to connect to might be malicious, ultimately enhancing user experiences and providing an additional step for them to better distinguish your app from a potentially harmful one.

Remember, in the ever-evolving landscape of web3 interactions, trust and security are paramount. Domain verification is your gateway to improving that trust with your users, helping them to better understand how their interactions with your website are safeguarded and genuine.

And with that, I wish you all the best in seamlessly navigating the world of web3 and harnessing the full potential of the Verify API on WalletConnect Cloud. May your website’s security and authenticity shine bright as you embark on this exciting journey!

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