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The infrastructure empowering web3 connections. Our suite of APIs opens up new ways for wallets and apps to communicate, helping developers build and expand experiences for millions of users.

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Web3Modal. The elegantly simple yet powerful multi-chain wallet connection interface.

Delightful, customizable UI.
Delightful, customizable UI. Choose between light and dark modes and accent colors, or even infuse it with your own branding. Include onboarding for new users and your terms of service.
Rich out-of-the-box features.
Rich out-of-the-box features. Leverage the built-in Connect button and UI components for easy connection management, ENS profiles, transaction history, and real-time balance updates.
Designed for developers.
Designed for developers. Build with React or Vanilla. Enjoy read/write access to multiple blockchains without any extra accounts or setup with a built-in RPC.
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Web3Wallet. Connect your wallet’s users with thousands of apps.

Seamless authentication.
Seamless authentication. You can log-in to apps with one simple click, using your wallet. Powered by the WalletConnect Auth API.
Secure transaction signing.
Secure transaction signing. You’ll be asked to verify each transaction, prompted by your wallet. Powered by the WalletConnect Sign API.
Designed for any chain and multi-chain.
Designed for any chain and multi-chain. Instead of separate code, you can use Web3Wallet to easily support multiple chains and even connect to them at the same time.

Web3Inbox Early Access

Dapp Messaging.

Dapp Messaging. Subscribe to push notifications directly from your favorite dapps’s like PancakeSwap and Snapshot.

Push Notifications.

Push Notifications. Web3Inbox is integrated into your wallet, so you’ll never miss out on a web3 moment again. Receive real-time notifications via wallet push notifications.

Web3 Chat.

Web3 Chat. Chat with your web3 frens on a web3 app. Start a conversation by messaging a wallet address or an ENS username. You no longer have to turn to web2 to talk about web3!

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Built to realize the promises of web3.



End-to-end encryption, private keys are never shared


Easily integrated into all apps with just a few lines of code


Designed to enable a frictionless end user experience


Support for all chains and rollups out-of-the-box

Build with WalletConnect today.


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