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July 2, 2024
WalletGuide and WalletConnect Certified: The Future of Digital Wallets
WalletGuide and WalletConnect Certified provide the ultimate directory showcasing wallets adhering to the industry's highest UX standards.

Today, we are thrilled to announce our latest pledge towards a more usable internet and set a new benchmark for digital wallets with WalletConnect’s WalletGuide.

This industry-first, community-focused initiative is designed to highlight digital wallets that adhere to the highest UX and security standards, offering users and developers a comprehensive directory of wallets that excel in security, features, and quality.

What is WalletGuide?

WalletGuide is a user-first platform set to go live in September, where digital wallets that meet the latest UX standards will be awarded a "WalletConnect Certified" gold badge. With over 10 million users connecting a wallet with WalletConnect every single month, WalletConnect plays a critical role in ensuring the best and safest UX across the ecosystem, and WalletGuide will be instrumental to this mission.

WalletGuide is more than just a directory; it is a commitment to driving UX innovation across the digital wallet landscape. By leveraging insights from respected industry leaders, WalletGuide promises to provide both users and developers with a curated list of secure, feature-rich, and compliant digital wallets. This initiative underscores WalletConnect’s dedication to leading UX innovation and fostering collaboration across the industry to deliver the best possible experience.

The “WalletConnect Certified” badge recognizes excellence in adoption and implementation of cutting-edge UX standards. In collaboration with key industry partners, WalletGuide ensures a consensus-driven and comprehensive approach to establishing and evaluating UX criteria. By working closely with experts and stakeholders from across the ecosystem, including wallets themselves, WalletConnect guarantees that WalletGuide reflects the latest best practices and industry innovations.

Our initial industry collaborators include leading names such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Kraken, Ledger, Magic Eden, 1inch, OKX, Binance Wallet, Safe, Bybit, Zerion,, Bitget, SafePal, TokenPocket, Timeless X, and Exodus, with more wallets due to onboard ahead of the September platform launch.

"WalletConnect’s collaborative, open-sourced, and user-focused approach is at the heart of our industry’s DNA,” said Eric Kuhn, Head of Kraken Wallet. “This initiative provides a new standard for security and functionality that ensures wallet users have full confidence that their onchain experience is going to work. This aligns exactly with what Kraken Wallet has set out to achieve.”

Partnering with WalletConnect on WalletGuide allows us to showcase our commitment to community-driven standards and user experience,” said Jasmine Xu, Head of Product at Magic Eden. “This directory will be invaluable for users and developers alike, setting a benchmark for excellence in the digital wallet space."

WalletConnect and Trust Wallet have long shared the mission of building for the long-term, collaborating openly with communities, and putting users first,” said Nate Zou, Head of Product at Trust Wallet. “We’re excited to partner with them on this new initiative to further drive that mission forward in a way that ensures users are protected with the highest international standards while maintaining innovation and seamless user experience.”

Get involved & build the new internet with WalletConnect

This announcement follows our recent launch of AppKit and WalletKit, our all-new developer toolkits designed for apps and wallets building in web3, and extends our pledge to unlock a better digital landscape as the UX platform for the new internet.

For wallets keen to explore how you can get involved with WalletConnect Certified and uphold your pledge to making the new internet more usable, be sure to have an updated version of WalletKit integrated in your product and keep an eye out for direct updates from our team in the coming weeks.

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