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June 3, 2024
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How Peanut Protocol harnesses AppKit for seamless web3 token transfers
How AppKit helps Peanut streamline token transfers, enhance user experiences, and open the web3 doors to newbies.

Unlocking access to the next billion users lies in the skill of web3 builders to streamline user experiences, ensuring seamless accessibility for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers.

One such player is Peanut Protocol, which stands out as a leader in innovation, offering a seamless solution for token transfers using URLs and QR codes. With its secret-protected vault smart contracts, Peanut enables users to send tokens effortlessly and securely, supporting various token types and cross-chain functionality. While maintaining its open-source ethos, Peanut’s mission is to simplify token transfers through user-friendly interfaces with the protocol supporting multi-token links, raffles, cross-chain functionality, and more.

To enhance its user experience and broaden its reach, Peanut embraced WalletConnect's AppKit, leveraging its suite of features to solidify its position as a leader in the web3 ecosystem – and pave the way for the next billion web3 users.

Unlocking ease with links and AppKit

Peanut’s innovative approach to token transfers is exemplified through its use of Peanut links. These links simplify the process of sending crypto tokens or NFTs with a simple URL or QR code. Instead of specifying destination addresses and token types, users can create Peanut links and securely share them with recipients. The creation and claiming of links is accessible via the Peanut app or SDK. Additionally, Peanut ensures privacy and security by storing link information locally, offering users peace of mind.

When Peanut’s founder was looking for a new way to streamline the process of showcasing its services at social events, WalletConnect quickly became the go-to solution in his eyes. “Before the WalletConnect integration, I was always frustrated when people at cocktail parties asked me to show them the product because I’d have to go through the awkward flow of creating a wallet,” says Konrad Urban, co-founder of Peanut Protocol.

In his search for a more fluid web3 experience, AppKit emerged as the only solution for Peanut to achieve its mission. “AppKit is the go-to solution for app builders seeking to integrate web3 functionality into their apps. It’s an all-in-one tool that offers a native solution for onramp functionality, distinguishing itself from competitors, which rely on third-party providers,” he notes. “AppKit provides a truly native experience, minimizing fees and maximizing efficiency for app builders and end-users alike.”

The all-in-one, native solution every web3 builder needs

Konrad further shared insights into Peanut Protocol's “simple and smooth” AppKit integration process, and its impact on their user experience.

“Working with the WalletConnect team was so simple, all AppKit functionalities were up and running within hours,” he says. “It really is the easiest way to connect a wallet, and a perfect solution for folks with or without wallets. In addition, it’s a perfect onboarding tool with the new embedded wallet.”

By adopting AppKit, Peanut gains access to a comprehensive suite of features tailored for consumer-centric app development. The integration of web3-native notifications, email, and onramp capabilities enhances Peanut’s usability, enabling smooth onboarding and engagement for users across various platforms.

Peanut’s integration success is evident in its robust user engagement, with over 41.5k subscribers demonstrating its expanding and engaged user base. With AppKit, Peanut Protocol delivers a seamless web3 experience, empowering users to interact with digital assets like never before. “Now it’s super simple: if they have a wallet, they claim the funds. Noobs can start using crypto immediately,” he notes.

Peanut Protocol stands as a testament to innovation and user-centric design. By harnessing the power of AppKit, Peanut Protocol elevates its token transfer experience, offering users a seamless journey into the world of decentralized finance. With AppKit suite of features and Peanut’s unique offerings, the future of web3 integration is bright and accessible for all.

“We want to be part of onboarding the next gazillion users into web3, and we know that this is possible with partners like WalletConnect by our side.”

Learn more about Peanut Protocol

Peanut Protocol enables token transfers via URLs and QR codes using secret-protected vault smart contracts. Senders deposit tokens into the vault and share the URL or QR code containing a secret with receivers, allowing them to withdraw funds. Peanut supports various token types and can be accessed through the SDK, app, or by integrating with its smart contracts directly. With features like multi-token, raffles, and cross-chain links, Peanut Protocol is open source (GNU GPLv3.0) and supports over 20 EVMs. Discover more here.

Learn more about AppKit

Built by WalletConnect, AppKit is an all-in-one SDK that helps app developers unlock more users through an intuitive wallet login interface. It supports login by custodial, self-custodial, and email wallets, delivering an experience suitable for users along the entire spectrum of web3 familiarity. Explore AppKit in greater detail here.

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